Christopher Nolan Confirms Direction of Third Batman Installment

In case there were any doubts, Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he is indeed directing the next Batman film, due out in July 2012. In a BBC interview with actor Michael Caine, who plays Alfred in the movies, he slipped that he believed they were going to begin filming the movie in May 2011. Batman fans have been excitedly speculating about what actors are going to be involved, and who the villains are going to be. While rumors have swirled around Johnny Depp, Gordon Joseph-Levitt, and Philip Seymour Hoffman among others, no real confirmations have been made.

Wall Street 2–Michael Douglas’ Biggest Opening Weekend Success

This past weekend the movie “Wall Street 2” opened at number one, raking in 19 million dollars in its first weekend. The movie is being very well received by audiences and critics alike, as it features a veteran actor, coupled with a young star who is rising in popularity quickly. In this way it is drawing in audiences of all ages, and seems to be pleasing everyone equally. This marks the biggest opening weekend box office success for Douglas, with “Instinct” coming in close second. The Oscar winning actor has recently been battling a cancerous tumor, but seemed in good spirits and health on the red carpet at the movie’s premier, though he did not speak due to the side effects of his chemo.

Truth Revealed Behind Joaquin Phoenix “Documentary”

Rumors have swirled for weeks around the much anticipated Sundance Film Festival “documentary” by Casey Affleck. The movie, “I’m Still Here,” focuses on one year in the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix while he tries to make a name for himself in the rap world, amidst drugs, mental illness, and a downward spiral of debauchery. Critics have been concerned, upon watching the film, that what Phoenix was truly in need of was mental and emotional help, not a documentary. On the other hand, rumors began that the “documentary” was a fake, and that Phoenix was merely playing a character. This created exactly the kind of press buzz that I’m sure Casey Affleck was looking for. However, all rumors were put to rest last night as Phoenix appeared on the David Letterman Show to discuss the film. While during the past year Phoenix has been seen looking un-bathed, unkempt, and completely crazed, last night he appeared clean-cut, well dressed, and collected. What really set tongues wagging was his admission that the past year he has been playing a “character,” and that the documentary is merely a fake.

The entire charade started a year and a half ago, when Phoenix first appeared on the David Letterman Show as a complete hot mess, crazy-man beard and all, seeming completely stoned and out of it. The interview was an utter disaster, and became a YouTube sensation overnight. It only seemed appropriate that Phoenix bookend his character’s journey by appearing on the Letterman show again. As the actor said, the film is meant to “explore celebrity,” and the affect that the media and life has upon an actor.

The film opened to a limited release on September 16th.

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