The TV Prediction Game

In lieu of anything else productive to write today, I thought I would share a little game that my friends and I play while we’re watching TV. That’s right, apparently we’re so ADD we can’t even watch TV without having to otherwise engage.

One of the best games to play while watching dramatic TV is “Who Did It? Basically, every dramatic show is pretty formulaic at this time, to the point where you can pretty much guess who the killer/ arsonist/ kidnapper is within the first 10 minutes of the show.

Detective/ forensics shows are usually the best, because of their episodic format and general lack of an overarching storyline. However, medical dramas also work well when you feel like playing “Guess the Disease“. When playing with friends, people have to quickly call out who they think the bad guy is and why as soon as they feel they are correct.

After the fact and when the episode is done, the person who correctly predicted the end of the show gets to brag about their amazing skills. Added bragging rights come with the ability to make a prediction minutes into the show.

My personal rule? The tertiary character that appears onscreen for like two minutes and then fades into the background? It was probably them. I’ve gotten pretty good at the whole process, probably due to the copious amounts of Scooby Doo I watched as a kid.

Try it! Once you get the smug rush that comes with being right, you won’t want to stop.

Suggested shows to predict stuff for amusingly: Psych, Monk, NCIS, CSI, House

Green Lantern Is Out In Two Days!

That’s right, people. Green Lantern is out on Friday in the US!

The story goes over the inception of one of DC’s most iconic and enduring characters. Ryan Reynolds stars as the roguish and cocky test pilot Hal Jordan, who fatefully discovers a crashed alien spaceship and is bequeathed a mysterious power ring by it’s dying occupant.

Wielding the ring, Hal is able to channel powers that allow him to do almost anything, simply by thinking of it. Such powers are in the keep of the Green Lanterns, a battalion of interstellar guardians of the universe who are sworn to defeat evil whenever it’s encountered.

This movie has been flying fairly under the radar for a while now. While other films have  received massive hype, Green Lantern has been cruising along on it’s impressive trailers and internet speculation for a while now. While undoubtedly spectacular and engaging and breathtaking ion scope and execution, there still is the underlying sense that there might be something… off about the whole thing.

Indeed, the desperate desire of fans all around the Internet has been the same: “I really hope they don’t mess this one up“. After being pleasantly surprised by X-Men a couple of weeks ago, it’s easy to mirror the sentiment by being cautious yet hopeful.

Aaaaand, I just finished one of UK reviews for the movie while writing this. Apparently, it’s not purported to be that great. If I see it, I’ll review it personally. If not, it doesn’t look like its gonna be a huge loss, really.

Franklin and Bash: Preliminary Thoughts

OK! Let’s look at Franklin and Bash today!

Franklin and Bash is about a pair of ridiculously offbeat lawyers that go to work for a stodgy top law firm, shattering expectations with their crazy antics and partying lifestyle. As can be expected, their unorthodox methods clash with the serious nature of their firm and the courts, leading to amusing confrontations and results.

The show is brand new, having only aired a few episodes so far. And from what I’ve seen so far, the show seems to be heading toward mediocrity. Maybe it’s because after the highly amusing pilot episode, they begin to tone things down and try to instill more courtroom drama into things. The first bit was actually really good, because it focused on ridiculous antics and the chemistry between Franklin and Bash.

Taking the “slightly amusing courtroom drama” route is a mistake in my opinion. This show works best when it is a comedy. If there’s one thing we kind of don’t need, it’s an over-saturation of mildly funny courtroom dramas that take themselves too seriously. That’s what ultimately happened to The Defenders and Harry’s Law, and look at where they ended up. (Spoiler alert: not good).

The show has promise, but whether or not it fills it is ultimately up to the writers. If the comedy root is taken, I can see it having staying power. If not, I really don’t know.

Sooo… Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to whether this show will be getting cancelled. It’s funny, but immediately familiar and a little bit forgettable. I’m keeping in mind that I have seen only the first few episodes, but they will have to amp up their game to impress me at this point.

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