And the Biggest “Environmental Guilt Trip” goes to ….


Avatar Movie
Avatar pulled ahead towards the end of the week and has become our winner. Beating out WALL-E by 12 percent the message is clear that Avatar had a political agenda.

First of all, the movie was AMAZING. That is really the best way to describe what will probably become the highest grossing movie of all time. The world of Pandora was gorgeous and seeing it in 3d was an experience never to be forgotten. Despite how amazing the movie turned out to be, it was pretty obvious that the writers wanted to stir the pot a little in the environmentally political world. Humans are once again portrayed as people incapable of caring for their own world and so they must find other worlds to destroy as well. Also, the fact that the underlying destruction of the planet was because of money doesn’t make you feel good inside either.

Congratulations to Avatar for being not only the best movie of the year so far (yes I know it’s still January), but the largest environmental guilt trip also.

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