What’s The Most Terrifying Movie Monster?

jaws A few days back we asked you what you thought the most terrifying movie monster was. The options were:

  1. The shark in JAWS
  2. The alien in ALIEN
  3. The T-Rex in JURASSIC PARK
  4. The predator in PREDATOR

Well, the picture to your left wasn’t just to make you feel warm and fuzzy. The shark from JAWS was voted the most terrifying movie monster. And I think rightfully so.

Although the prospect of being hunted by a predator or being devoured by a creepy alien or gigantic dinosaur does not seem appealing, I suppose death by giant shark is the most likely cause of death here.

Unless alien life forms soon discover planet earth or dino DNA is harvested into real life man-eaters, then I would just stay clear of the water. Check out past poll results here.

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