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This Means War

This Means War was recently released into theaters and is already a big hit. The director is able to capture all angles of a truly good film by mixing action, comedy, and romance all into one film.

Rising star Tom Hardy is a perfect fit for his secret agent, hard core role in this film. Chris Pine is a perfect counterpart to Tom Hardy with his flamboyant playboy personality. The contrast in characters could not have been better picked for this film.This Means War

Reese Witherspoon, after what has seemed a long absence from the film industry, comes back with a bang. Throughout the movie she fights with her inner-self between being a sweet innocent woman and being a wild girl who plays the field while dating both Tom Hardy and Pine at the same time.

In the movie, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine have been best friends for years as they work together as secret agents, but to the public one are a travel agent and the other a cruise ship captain.  One flaw of the movie is that their fake identities don’t really fit their lifestyle as Chris Pine is driving an Audi R8and living in a penthouse in the Los Angeles area. However, it adds some flair and excitement to the movie.

After attending a family dinner, Tom Hardy comes to the realization that he needs to find a girl he can settle down with. Pine think she’s crazy but offers to help out as any best friend would. After seeing an online dating commercial, Tom Hardy creates a profile through which he meets Reese Witherspoon.

Before hearing about the date, Pine runs into Reese Witherspoon and does his best to get a date with her. They both soon find out that they are going after the same girl and the games begin.

The advantages that come with being a secret agent are that they both are able to tap into Reese Witherspoon’s life and find out about what makes her tick. As they battle for the girl they also battle with their friendship.

Overall this movie is a must see if you are into action comedies.

TV Show Review: How I Met Your Mother

Righto! Because of… something, we’re gonna do a TV show review of How I Met Your Mothet Today. Now, I know what you all are gonna say. “This show is in like its 6th season or so. Do you need to review it?

While that is a fair point, I think something can be gained from providing an honest appraisal of the show as it was, and what it has become. Indeed, the show has become a good example of something that was really good that is now cruising along purely on the fact that it is popular.

How I Met Your Mother is a show about a group of quirky late- twenty somethings that centers around the character of Ted. The twist to the show is that the entirety of the show is dedicated to Ted telling his children about how he met their mother, through the use of flashback episodes. A typical episode centers around Ted telling his kids about life lessons he has learned, and how he learned them. Then, the episode will show Ted and the gang going through some wacky hi-jinks.

As far as the show itself goes, it is completely formulaic and standardized, with a few notable exceptions. Along with the usual attractive characters amusingly bonking around New York being completely self centered and self sabotaging, there are a couple of fun twists.

The first twist is of course the overarching story about how Ted meets his wife, which is constantly hinted at and never actually followed through with. If you think about it, the hook of the show is a marketing dream, because they can tease about Ted’s wife without ever revealing her, allowing for potentially endless seasons of buildup.

The other standout quirk of the show is Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the smooth and smug womanizer known as Barney. While the role is hardly unique, Neil Patrick Harris brings such an infectious charm and obnoxiousness to the character that you can’t help but be amused.

When it all comes down to it, it is the familiarity of the show and the standout moments that make people watch it. Everything else has been exhaustively done before, lending a weird sense of deja vu to a lot of the proceedings. The show is in a state of decline right now, because they have completely exhausted amusing premises and stretched things too far. They haven’t jumped the shark yet, but they are well on the way.

When it call comes down to it, How I Met Your Mother is simple fun. There’s no other way to put it. There’s nothing that the show does astoundingly well, and the premise and jokes are stretched quite thin at this point in time. But, there’s something comforting about its familiarity, which makes it something that is enjoyable to watch.

It’s a good show, but it’s not a great one. But, it’s probably the best successor to Friends that has come about in the last few years, filling the need for that kind of comedy. And it’s crossed over the point where it is fresh and new. Friends had the characters move on with life and evolve, but How I Met Your Mother kind of hasn’t, so it always feels the same. But, that’s TV for you.

Mr. Sunshine: Good Potential Here

Mr. Sunshine is one of the promising new shows of the season. It’s a sarcastic and pessimistic take on the world that mixes dry humor and visual humor to make you laugh. Matthew Perry stars as the manager of an public arena, who has to balance his work, his crazy co workers, and his own crippling pessimism in order to progress in life. The show is a nice replacement for Better Off Ted, which was cancelled last year.

Mr. Sunshine: ...I think I Heart This Show

For those of us who enjoyed Better Off Ted, this is good thing all around. Both shows have a heavy emphasis on dark humor and clever wit, which apparently is too much for some people, seeing how Better Off Ted was canceled last year. (Forgive me. I am very bitter over Better Off Ted.)

Let me be clear. this show is not for everybody. This is a show that is all about the sarcasm and the pessimistic take on the world. It’s definitely something that will be appreciated by those with a similar mindset, but maybe not by everyone.

All in all, Mr. Sunshine looks like it has some good potential to be had. Those who appreciate sarcasm and dry humor will surely appreciate this show. The show has been delightfully varied each week, and all of the characters are fun in their own way. The ridiculous scenarios that the writers can insert into an arena setting make it amusing to watch every week, and the celebrity cameos so far have also been amusing. Who knows? Mebbe they’ll get Matt LeBlanc to show up for an episode as the main character’s best friend?

*Drops down on knees and begins praying*

Anyway. Let me reiterate. Mr. Sunshine has Matthew Perry being Matthew freaking Perry, and the show seems to run with the formula that was so enjoyable with Better Off Ted. Those of us who can appreciate this stuff will appreciate the show for what it is, and give it the chance that it deserves. Check it out!


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