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This Means War

This Means War was recently released into theaters and is already a big hit. The director is able to capture all angles of a truly good film by mixing action, comedy, and romance all into one film.

Rising star Tom Hardy is a perfect fit for his secret agent, hard core role in this film. Chris Pine is a perfect counterpart to Tom Hardy with his flamboyant playboy personality. The contrast in characters could not have been better picked for this film.This Means War

Reese Witherspoon, after what has seemed a long absence from the film industry, comes back with a bang. Throughout the movie she fights with her inner-self between being a sweet innocent woman and being a wild girl who plays the field while dating both Tom Hardy and Pine at the same time.

In the movie, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine have been best friends for years as they work together as secret agents, but to the public one are a travel agent and the other a cruise ship captain.  One flaw of the movie is that their fake identities don’t really fit their lifestyle as Chris Pine is driving an Audi R8and living in a penthouse in the Los Angeles area. However, it adds some flair and excitement to the movie.

After attending a family dinner, Tom Hardy comes to the realization that he needs to find a girl he can settle down with. Pine think she’s crazy but offers to help out as any best friend would. After seeing an online dating commercial, Tom Hardy creates a profile through which he meets Reese Witherspoon.

Before hearing about the date, Pine runs into Reese Witherspoon and does his best to get a date with her. They both soon find out that they are going after the same girl and the games begin.

The advantages that come with being a secret agent are that they both are able to tap into Reese Witherspoon’s life and find out about what makes her tick. As they battle for the girl they also battle with their friendship.

Overall this movie is a must see if you are into action comedies.

Green Lantern Is Out In Two Days!

That’s right, people. Green Lantern is out on Friday in the US!

The story goes over the inception of one of DC’s most iconic and enduring characters. Ryan Reynolds stars as the roguish and cocky test pilot Hal Jordan, who fatefully discovers a crashed alien spaceship and is bequeathed a mysterious power ring by it’s dying occupant.

Wielding the ring, Hal is able to channel powers that allow him to do almost anything, simply by thinking of it. Such powers are in the keep of the Green Lanterns, a battalion of interstellar guardians of the universe who are sworn to defeat evil whenever it’s encountered.

This movie has been flying fairly under the radar for a while now. While other films have  received massive hype, Green Lantern has been cruising along on it’s impressive trailers and internet speculation for a while now. While undoubtedly spectacular and engaging and breathtaking ion scope and execution, there still is the underlying sense that there might be something… off about the whole thing.

Indeed, the desperate desire of fans all around the Internet has been the same: “I really hope they don’t mess this one up“. After being pleasantly surprised by X-Men a couple of weeks ago, it’s easy to mirror the sentiment by being cautious yet hopeful.

Aaaaand, I just finished one of UK reviews for the movie while writing this. Apparently, it’s not purported to be that great. If I see it, I’ll review it personally. If not, it doesn’t look like its gonna be a huge loss, really.

US Release Of Thor Today!

Whoa! Thor is out today! Whooo! There’s been months of hype leading up to this, with very little actual information released. Well, now it’s out.

First of all, I’ve read the European reviews, and I’ve seen feedback from the people who have already seen it. So far, the rating seems to be in the generally positive realm, but different audiences have different perspective. Soooo… it either will surpass or be below my expectations. I don’t think it will settle anywhere in the middle.

Thor is kind of a complicated hero for many people. While other comic book heroes like the X-Men and Spider-man are relatable because they are normal people who can do extraordinary things, Thor is a bit more imperious and confusing. I can’t help but wonder if the confusion surrounding Thor and the oddity of his circumstance might be turning people off to him.

Here’s some clarification:

In the Marvel Universe, aliens and time travelers and Norse gods all co-exist with each other. This can be confusing to some, because they are used to the usual “save New York” premise. Thor is from Asgard, and he is a god. He is actually not of this world.

This is why in Asgard you will see trolls and giants and hordes of Vikings fighting monsters.

-Thor is cast out of Asgard in some fashion, seeking redemption on the lower realm of earth. Again, his powers and abilities are not mutations, they are divine abilities.

-Thor is usually kind of a stuck up jerk, because he is a divine prince of his realm. Part of his comic book persona is rooted in this imperiousness. However, he does try to do the right thing and be noble and stuff.

All in all, it’s looking like Thor is going to be silly fun. It’s not gonna be groundbreaking, but it is gonna be pretty. And we’ve got another movie out of the way before the launch of The Avengers, so we can all be stoked about that.

I think that I am willing to give Thor a chance, because ti looks like a good movie if you’ve got the knowledge to get it.


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