America’s Got Talent Finalists 2009

americas got talent finalists

The finalists for this season’s America’s Got Talent were revealed last night, but this time there were 5 acts instead of 4.

First, allow me to rant for a moment about the title of this show.  I think it is an insult to our country and our culture.  America doesn’t got talent, we have talent.  America has talent. It’s something you may have remembered from English class oh, so many years ago.  I propose a new subtitle to the show: “America’s Got Talent: But they ain’t none too good educated.”

Anywho…(I realize this is not a real word, so no flack on my grammar!) apparently anything goes when it comes to the decisions of Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff. (By the way, does it surprise anyone else that 2 of the judges are British and one German, at least by descent? What about American judges? Maybe we can blame the poor grammar on them?)

Anyway, here are the America’s Got Talent Finalists, 2009:

  • Hairo Torres
  • Recycled Percussion
  • Barbara Padilla
  • Lawrence Beamen
  • Drew Stevyns

I think the the whole 5 finalist thing was totally planned.  What do you think?  Do you agree with the judges decision or not?  Let us know.

In case you were wondering, here’s who got ousted last night:

  • FootworKINGz
  • Erik and Rickie
  • Jeffrey Ou
  • Mario & Jenny
  • The EriAm Sisters
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