Cancelled Shows That Have Made Me Sadface

Well, it’s official. The cancellation list is in. And I am sad.

While the cancellation list was fairly long and in depth for the next cycle, here are the three that make me kind of sad that they are gone.

Lie To Me. Fine, this one may have had it coming. The show started off with Cal Lightman being a brilliant psychologist that read people for a living, then it kind of went all CSI/ NCIS on us and gave us a team of para-psychologists that ran around randomly interrogating people and acting super tough while breaking the law. But it was still fun, if a bit stupid.

Human Target. I honestly don’t get this one. Human Target was a fun silly action show that was kind of like an ‘American James Bond’ miniseries. It had great production values and fun fights, and they always managed to top themselves. And it’s getting canceled right in the middle of an interesting story arc.


Mr. Sunshine. Ok, this one I’m upset about. The show was just barely finding itse;f, and had a fun enough setting that nay variety of wacky things could have happened inside the Sunshine Arena. All of the different types of wackiness were part of the fun. It was like, the heir to Better Off Ted. And they cancelled it when it was funny! Aaaah! This was supposed to be the reinvention of Matthew Perry! They took Chandler away from me again, and it’s like they re-cancelled Better Off Ted in the process.

In case you’re feeling as sad as me, here is a picture of a puppy.


But seriously, a few shows didn’t make it kind of deserved to, and it’s really too bad we didn’t get to see where they were going with things. Such is TV.

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One Response to: Cancelled Shows That Have Made Me Sadface

Commented:  17 May 2011 at 3:20 pm()

I concur! I enjoyed Lie to Me…serious bummer.


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