Community: Go watch it.

Community broke onto the scene in 2009 as a quirky and unknown comedy about a group of misfits that are going through a local community college. I initally saw the trailers and scoffed a bit to myself. After all, since it was premiering immediately after The Office, I figured that it would be an unispired Office clone.

I was wrong.

Community immediately impressed me with its quirky humor and witty dialogue. The scenarios that the characters found themselves in were ridiculous and exaggerated, yet they were still somehow plausible enought thsat it was easy to imagine it actually happening.

The characters also rapidly evolved, with the standout being Danny Pudi as the “Abed” a socially impaired movie savant. Chevy Chase aso added to the cast with his awesome portayel of “Pierce” a grouchy old man reluctantly going back to school. The other actors have since grown and evolved into truly funny people since.

The initial set of episodes was about the surreal and quirky aspects of college life, but his last season has evolved to encompass theme episodes. The show has effortlessly spoofed movie cliches with their special episodes, including mobster movies, war movies, zombie movies, and epic fantasy quests. The cast and crew are able to spoof any genre at a weeks notice, and they usually get it right and actually make e laugh out loud.

Everyone that appreciates witty and satirical comedy should give Community a try. It’s undoubtedly one of favorite shows of the last  two years, and surprises me every week with the flexibility and creativity of the cast and crew.

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