Community Paintball Episode #2

This marks the second year that the hit show Community has featured an annual paintball episode. Last year, everyone was blown away by the sudden appearance of an action movie episode that had the gang battling everyone and each other in a fake-war torn school. the episode was a brilliant spoof of action movies and war movies in general, pulling many beloved cliches and putting them to use in melodramatic fashion with the students of Greendale.

Now, the second season of Community has been marked by another hilarious paintball episode. This time around, the episode is one that spoofs the Wild West shootouts that we are all so familiar with. Cowboy motifs and cliches are found in abundance, creating something that is instantly recognizable and funny at the same time.

Community has always been marked by episodic homages to many different genres of film, and this one in particular was obviously a work of love for the cast and crew. Nothing before the Community paintball episodes has come close to the level of absurd humor with homages.

All in all, it’s looking like the paintball episode is something to be looked forward to from now on, now that it’s a thing. It’s something to be hyped, and it’s something for the Community crew to be immensely proud of.

Episodes like these give the audience something to look forward to and give the show something to hype. They are delightful and awesome and over the top and hilarious all at the same time. These episodes of Community are truly something that gets me excited for Community every year.

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