Community TV CastI have to admit, I am a huge Community fan. This Television show is in its first season and they’ve already got me hooked and loving the characters. You can see from the very start, and this is what I love about the show, that Community takes risks where other tv shows are afraid to go.

The show is centered around a group of students taking a first-level Spanish class. This group is about as diverse as it comes, having people from almost every race, nationality, and religion. This group, through the course of the show, learns about each other and experiences some of the craziest things ever shown on television.

A recent episode involves Jeff Winger, drop out Law student, taking a pool class for an easy A. When Jeff arrives for the first day it is apparent that he is pretty good at pool, but is kicked out for not wearing the proper gym attire to class. When Jeff returns, he challenges the teacher to a game while wearing shorts. As the game intensifies people start to gather and the teacher decides to rip off his shirt and Jeff follows suite. The teacher proceeds to play, but gets angrier and eventually rips off not only his shorts, but also all other material of clothing on his body. Jeff and he finish the game nude in front of the entire school (nothing is shown, no worries).

In another episode two male students are required to escort their Asian Spanish teacher to a dance, because he will fail them otherwise. And the list of crazy things goes on.

If you want to try out a new tv show, hop on Hulu and give Community a try, you might be disturbed sometimes, but you’ll be laughing too.

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Yeah! Community is in my top 5 favorite TV shows, maybe even top 3.


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