…I Miss Scrubs

I’ve been thinking kind of introspectively lately, and I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I really miss Scrubs. I miss it a lot.

Scrubs was something truly special. Sure, it was the kind of  show that never gained massive support, but maybe people just didn’t get it. Here’s why I miss it:

The characters were awesome. Since the first season, the characters developed and evolved along with the show, until they became vibrant and irreplaceable parts of the show. Along with being funny, the show also called for a lot of emotional depth, and the actors delivered. The friendships and relationships felt warm and real and like something everyone was a part of.

The setting felt real. Even though Scrubs used a lot of imagination and daydream bits, it still felt grounded in reality. Part of this was because the producers of the show bought an abandoned hospital and refurbished it to shoot in. In a very real sense, the actors were there.

Speaking of daydreams, Scrubs regularly featured amusing daydream sequences that served as silly cutaway gags. They were always cheesy and fun, but never overstayed their welcome.

The humor and fun that the show had was quirky and awesome. The show used physical humor, clever jokes, and running gags in equal parts successfully throughout the series.

Scrubs had heart. At it’s core, Scrubs was always about finding friendship and learning from life and having fun. I actually smiled and laughed at stuff, instead of merely smirking.

Scrubs was something that was something that always managed to be heartwarming and funny. Since it went off the air, there have been a bunch of TV shows that have leaped into the fray, but they’ve mostly all regressed back into old cliches. I really hope that it doesn’t take a long time before another show with real heart comes along.

Thank goodness I can go back to Scrubs on Netflix whenever it’s needed. I guess what I’m saying is, I miss having a new episode come on every week, because nothing has really filled the gap for me.

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2 Responses to …I Miss Scrubs

Evan Vande Velde
Commented:  27 October 2011 at 4:44 am()

I know exactly how you feel, i used to watch scrubs as a kid. now being an adult i took it upon me to watch all the episodes in my spare time, i found myself obsessed and addicted with it. The humor and jokes were always fresh and something new to laugh at and enjoy. I just really wish that i could see new episodes, it actually mades me sad just thinking about it now. I really do miss it, what doesn’t help is i’m not one to rewatch shows but i’m thinking i might have too as in this case i’m almost finding myself depressed over this :\

Commented:  23 November 2011 at 12:38 pm()

Man, Scrubs was my life, because JD was exactly like me, i´m just like JD man, it´s so sad, no i feel so lonely without “MY SCRUBS”, in some way they all were my friends, i felt part of their group, when i watch scrubs i feel as if i were there, and now it´s just like some part of me died, really really i miss “MY SCRUBS”


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