$#*! My Dad Says: A Toss Up

For those of you not familiar with it, $#*! My Dad Says is the first sitcom ordered to be based off of a Twitter feed. The show famously gets it’s roots from a fairly uncensored and massively popular Twitter feed containing the supposedly true quotes someone pulled from their father.

The show is an experiment, to see how closely web fame and real life comedy match up. The producers of the show tapped William Shatner to be the cantankerous and eccentric father from which the show gets its name.

The show was advertised as being the new big sitcom, destined to change the way television works. Now that it’s finished its first season, I think it’s safe to say… It didn’t.

Basically, $#*! My Dad Says is a by the numbers sitcom that feels overly familiar. And not in a good way. Instead, everything about it seems to be quite “90’s sitcom”. The cast is kind oif bland to be honest. I was initially excited to see Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso again, but the MadTV alums just seem tired. (Random thought: Why do the SNL people get movies and the MadTV people get kind of bland sitcoms? They’re reeeeally about the same level of funny.) The other supporting actors they have, especially the main character, are just kind of meh.

To be fair, William Shatner is always funny to watch. I like to think that they gave him a loose script at the beginning of filming and then said “just ramble”. But then again, William Shatner has been on the screen for roughly 50 years, and has had plenty of experiencing working within the realms of comedy and poking fun at his unique self. He has a sense of purpose and place that the rest of the cast is missing.

All in all, either you like $#*! My Dad Says or you don’t.

For me, William Shatner being William Shatner is something that is awesome to see. However, the overall weakness of the show makes it hard fought enjoyment. It’s pretty much up to the individual  to decide whether or not the good parts outweigh the bad. One thing is for sure. Either way, the show is very close to the line as to whether it is good or not.

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