News Of The Apocalypse

I bring bad news, people. News that may affect the quality of life as we know it.

For those of you that somehow missed it, Rebecca Black’s Friday has become a musical phenomenon in the last month. Widely dubbed “the worst song on the Internet”, the YouTube video has skyrocketed to 100 million views in a matter of weeks.

Along with making Rebecca Black an instant celebrity, it also has become the most disliked video on YouTube, with almost a million dislikes to it’s name. Got it? Here’s a linky for you so that you can catch up. Good luck getting it out of your heads.

Okay, here’s the bad news. It has been announced that Glee will be performing a cover of Friday on their next episode, putting up a lavish spectacle in true Glee fashion. This may be a good time to announce that I am not fond of Glee, nor am I fond of it’s habit of taking existing songs, making them awful and obnoxious, then taking credit for them.


In this case, we would be combining the “worst song on the Internet” with an obnoxious song and dance number that will somehow be about unpopular teenage empowerment through awful singing and the promotion of cliched stereotypes from 90’s TV.

That’s right. Glee has hit a point where they are so very out of songs to ruin that they are grabbing up month old YouTube songs now. It’s kind of smart, since they’ll never run out of content… It’s just that the content won’t be good. It will be a unpleasant and overdone trilling assault on the ears. Calling it now.

I have to say, I never thought to prepare for this apocalypse. I was gravitating more to the weapons and ammo I would need to prepare for foreign invasion or perhaps zombies. I never thought I’d have to prepare for the musical apocalypse. But I guess similar apocalyptic advice applies to this situation.

Grab your iPods, load them up with decent music, and barricade yourselves in a safe place hoping for military intervention. It may be our only hope.

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