Outsourced: Pretty Good

I’ve held off on taking a in depth look into Outsourced, because I wanted to see what happened as the show grew and matured over time. Since Outsourced is in it’s first season, it deserves to have the time to grow before it gets critiqued too hard.

While first seasons of TV shows are critical to establishing success, they often just aren’t that good from a production standpoint. You have to give the crew some time to get comfortable and find their rhythm in order to get the best experience.

Now that Outsourced is finishing up its first season, they’ve had the time necessary to figure out what works and get into a stride. So, I can say now that Outsourced is pretty good.

What stands out most about the show are the ridiculous situations that characters get into, and the comedic abilities of the cast. Since the show has the premise of an American being sent to India to manage a call center, there are plenty of cultural mismatch and misunderstanding moments.

The great thing about Outsourced is the way that it makes cultural jokes without being offensive about them. It pokes fun at the cultures in the show, but it never crosses the line into banality. And in the world of TV, being successful without pulling the “controversy” card is refreshing in itself.

Make no mistake about it. Outsourced feels familiar. That’s because it uses sitcom templates that have been used for years. That being said, it definitely has merit.

All in all, Outsourced is fun to watch if you don’t expect too much out of it. The show has a good sense of humor and is silly laid back entertainment. In fact, that ‘s what Outsourced really has going for it. It isn’t really groundbreaking or hilarious, but it is familiar and silly. Sometimes it’s good to have a TV that can be watched for comfort reasons. After all, isn’t that why we watch How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory?

We like what is familiar and silly. So, looking at Outsourced in this way, it’s perfectly good Hulu viewing material when you need a pick me up during a slow day, or just need to add a show to the list if it’s a slow night. All in all, it’s reassuring and familiar comedy that can be appreciated by it’s fans.

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