Raising Hope: A Great New Comedy?

For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, I would advise checking out Raising Hope. The show premiered in late 2011, and was one of the new shows that pleasantly suprised me.

The premise of the show is that a slacker in his mid 20’s accidentally gets a woman pregnant, and then inherits the baby girl after she is executed for being a serial killer. It is up to him and his family to raise the baby, even though they are far from the tradtional family. In fact, at times they are selfish, paranoid, and wildly inappropriate. Yet they are still warm and caring, despite their eccentricities.

The show mixes clever visual humor and wonderful dry wit to create an experience that suspends your disbelief about the situation and allows you to enjoy the character development. The dynamics between characters is always amusing, and the situations are always delightfully ludacris. This is definitely a show for people who enjoy slightly surreal comedy.

The show is kind of a mix between Arrested Development and Full House. Yeah, I just made that comparison. Basically, it’s about a family of nearly crazy people having to raise a baby girl as best they can. The show is funny, it’s quirky, and there’s lots of love and life lessons learned in a spectacularly unusual fashion every week. I gave it a shot, and ended up loving it.

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