Franklin and Bash: Preliminary Thoughts

OK! Let’s look at Franklin and Bash today!

Franklin and Bash is about a pair of ridiculously offbeat lawyers that go to work for a stodgy top law firm, shattering expectations with their crazy antics and partying lifestyle. As can be expected, their unorthodox methods clash with the serious nature of their firm and the courts, leading to amusing confrontations and results.

The show is brand new, having only aired a few episodes so far. And from what I’ve seen so far, the show seems to be heading toward mediocrity. Maybe it’s because after the highly amusing pilot episode, they begin to tone things down and try to instill more courtroom drama into things. The first bit was actually really good, because it focused on ridiculous antics and the chemistry between Franklin and Bash.

Taking the “slightly amusing courtroom drama” route is a mistake in my opinion. This show works best when it is a comedy. If there’s one thing we kind of don’t need, it’s an over-saturation of mildly funny courtroom dramas that take themselves too seriously. That’s what ultimately happened to The Defenders and Harry’s Law, and look at where they ended up. (Spoiler alert: not good).

The show has promise, but whether or not it fills it is ultimately up to the writers. If the comedy root is taken, I can see it having staying power. If not, I really don’t know.

Sooo… Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to whether this show will be getting cancelled. It’s funny, but immediately familiar and a little bit forgettable. I’m keeping in mind that I have seen only the first few episodes, but they will have to amp up their game to impress me at this point.

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