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*Update* Click here to see the Glee Episode 9 Preview

President Obama is speaking to Congress tonight and guess who will not be airing the speech?  Fox. That’s right; they’ve decided to stick with their normal programming and air Glee, the network’s only new 1-hour comedy.

Glee is a TV show about a struggling high school musical-performance club.  The club is led by the school’s Spanish teacher who recruits an interesting bunch of kids: A wanna-be Diva that no one likes, a reluctant jock, a seemingly gay student with an unusually high voice, a black girl with attitude and fashion sense, and a paraplegic with mad guitar skills.

You may have seen the pilot episode of Glee by now.  I was mildly disappointed.  The ads (which Fox has been pushing relentlessly) gave me higher expectations. I guess I just expected to laugh a little more. Keep Reading…


In the pilot you are also introduced to a few other characters, such as faculty members,which are quite funny.

Hence, where Glee succeeds is in its casting of characters.  The main characters are each very unique–some quirky, some timid, others just a little unhinged.  I think they provide a delightful fresh feel from all the other characters on TV.

But I guess where the pilot failed was in reaching the full potential of those characters. I could see them being funnier than they were.  But hey, it was a pilot, so maybe we should give it some slack. Given time, the characters might just surprise us.

I still think there is hope for Glee. I give it a preliminary Average score (It has the potential to be a captivating comedy).  Watch tonight and see for yourself.

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7 Responses to Glee on Fox

This show is gonna be the biggest new hit of the season.

Commented:  15 October 2009 at 11:27 pm()

Glee is a huge disappointment! The musical numbers are aweful, the acting is too over-the-top (Jane Lynch – I can’t believe you could ever be so dreadful!). I will never watch it again.

Commented:  16 October 2009 at 12:48 pm()

I agree. The show started out with potential but I think it has just plummeted to the bottom.

Glee is the worst show in the history of television.

This show is painful to watch if you have an IQ above 90.

The writing is just bad… really, really bad.

I guess FOX knows that the people tuning in for American Idol are stupid enough to watch anything.

Commented:  30 December 2009 at 2:34 pm()

Cast sucks, music sucks, yet another sucky show from Fox. The commercials suck even more because they air them EVERY F*N commercial break and we have to endure that ugly dinosaur goat (Jane Lynch) that everyone thinks is so funny and isn’t. Jane Lynch is just another frustrated lesbian trying to act straight. She sucks in 2 and a half men also. Get rid of the show killer.

Glee is just plain stupid. The kid in the wheelchair is actually not crippled, most or all of the songs are covers of already amazing songs (Don’t Stop Believin, Somebody to Love, etc.), and it promotes itself too much. It’s so overrated and FOX should be ashamed on airing a stupid show like this.


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