Modern Family Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Modern Family is the best new comedy on television. I thought last night’s episode was hilarious.

Last night on Modern Family Episode 2 watched Mitchell and Cameron take Lily to her first day of toddler-parent pre school. Watching Cam trying to supress his gayest tendencies and Mitchell in a panic about his daughter’s innate toddler abilities was a hoot. Here’s a clip:

We also witnessed Phil “teach” his son a lesson about personal responsibility with his bike and dangerously flirt with temptation with a desperate housewife.

Jay and Gloria were also planning a special get-away for two. But only after Jay and Manni construct a fan…together. In the end, Jay’s not a bad stepfather after all.

Modern Family has impressed me so far. I look forward to next week’s episode!

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One Response to: Modern Family Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Hah thanks for the post! I really like this show so far, it’s super funny. I’m excited to see how the season turns out.


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