My Digital TV Converter Sucks!

digital tv transition sucks

Last night I was all psyched to watch a new episode of Modern Family.  I forgot one detail.  My digital tv converter sucks! This new digital tv transition sucks.

I remember a day when a man could plug his TV set in and watch some quasi-quality programming.  Now?  I only get ABC and NBC.

I knew NBC never worked, but ABC was supposed to be my reliable channel!  Alas, all I got was a bunch of pixels and jumbled words.

I can’t believe it.  I was actually forced to read a book.  What has the government done to me?  Because of the digital transition I was actually forced to be more productive and read.  There’s something wrong there.

And back to that whole plugging your TV set in and watching a show idea; do you remember some great TV shows? Find out what the top 10 best TV shows of all time are!

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