New Wonder Woman Show: WHY???

Guess what? There’s going to be a Wonder Woman reboot coming soon! Whooo! The reboot idea was being bounced from studio to studio, and seemed like the idea was on the brink of being shot down for good. Since I’m usually of the opinion that there is always room for more superheroes, I was initially pleased with the announcement.

Well, there might be some bad news with the good here. Actually… It’s all bad.

The new Wonder Woman show, that is in production now, is gonna be a silly comedy of a show. Yup. And it’s gonna have a soundtrack of grrl power pop songs. ¬†Aaaaaand the famous Wonder Woman outfit has been made into an eye shattering skintight latex costume.


I actually like Wonder Woman as a cool and strong character. There have been two awesome revisions of her in the comics lately. One had her being all Xena like in Ancient Greece and being frozen in stasis until the modern day, a la Captain America. The other vision of Wonder Woman has her completely re imagined in a gritty and down to earth way, all Dark Knight like. Both of these are infinitely better than the projected vision for Wonder Woman: Spice Girl Edition.

This new vision seems like it was built from the ground up to fail. Mebbe it’s a Producers like situation? Eh? Deliberately trying to fail in order to make a huge profit by hedging bets against it?

All in all, I think I join many other superhero fans in saying… Grrrraaagh why would you do that to us what did we ever do to you??? Join me in not watching it when it premieres, won’t you?

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