Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box

big brother 11What’s all the hype about Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box? It’s a lot of speculation at this point, but if you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read on.

In the latest episode of Big Brother Kevin won the Head of Household competition. (Yay Kevin).  There was a Power of Veto competition, which Michele won, leaving her with the option to take herself off the block and put some other sorry sucker in her place.  Who would you place up there?

The real question is what is Pandora’s Box and does it have any role in saving Jeff or any other member from the block? I read around on some other blogs and sites and it seems people are thoroughly confused.

Two things seem constant, however.  One, most people love Jeff and want him to stay (what’s your opinion?) and two, Jeff finds a key in Pandora’s Box.  What does this key lead to?  Your guess is as good as mine.

But, since I think that Big Brother 11 sucks, I’m not losing any sleep over it.  Reality TV has lost its allure to me–if it ever had any.  Tell us what you think.  Who should stay?  What’s the deal with Pandora’s Box? Share your thoughts and leave your vote below of the latest episode of Big Brother 11.

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