Project Runway Season 6 Episode 1

project runway season 6 I wish Project Runway would have simply run, run, away, from our TV screens.  But, no luck.

Last night was the premier of Project Runway Season 6, only this time it aired on a new network–Lifetime–in a new city–Los Anegeles–and at a new school–Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Maybe the producers thought they could inject some more life into the program. (Hey, Lifetime.  I get it).

And what’s up with Lifetime airing this show?  I’m used to watching sappy stories of mothers losing their sons and women leaving their husbands.  You know these shows, right?  At least you’ve been surfing channels and seen the commercials. The intense violin music starts and the announcer, in a deep, bellowing voice declares: “A mother’s love for her son…a son who is missing…this weekend on Lifetime, watch the desperate tale of a family searching for their missing son in…My Child is Missing….”

I can just see the previews for Project Runway Season 6 now.  “A life-long meth user, a 6-1 anorexic, skimpy clothing, and too much drama…it’s the all new season of Project Runway…on Lifetime.” Lifetime–it’s quality programming for women.  You know, watching vanity strut itself down a runway, and the people that create these ridiculous fashions,  is very boosting to a woman’s self-image.

Seriously, that show sucks.

The premier was a typical reality TV approach with guests like Ari doing headstands and Johnny crying like a little wuss.  In the end Ari didn’t make the cut. You can watch some Project Runway clips here

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