Shows That Will Make Me Sad If Cancelled

Renewall season for TV shows is underway. As always, about half of the shows on the air will not be renewed. In the past, these cancellations have been a balance of shows that deserved it and those that reeeeeeally didn’t. (See also: Firefly)

Here’s a list of shows that will make me all sad face if they are cancelled.

Human Target. While not the most brilliant show in terms of dialog or plot, it consistently manages to impress me and make me laugh every week. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Human Target is a show that is kind of like American James Bond. The point of the show is to have good silly fun and showcase some seriously cool fight scenes every week. It’s a show that doesn’t take itself seriosuly, always has some awesome fight segments, and has great production values.

Community. I already wrote a glowing review thingee for the show, which celbrated the quirkiness of it all, as well as the ability to impress me weekly with genre satire and spoofing. It may be cancelled, and I will be seriously distraught if it is. Like, attempt to start an online petition before crying myself to sleep kind of distraught.

Lie To Me. I’ll admit it. The show has gone downhill in the last season. It’s basically morphed from a drama utilizing psychology specialization to a more generic theme of “catch bad guys”. But the show is still fun and engaging, and it’s always enjoyable to play the “Scooby-Doo” game where you try to guess who did it before the end of the episode. This show still has life, and could still pick back up. Besides, NCIS is still on even though it is long past its prime.

Outsourced. I don’t even know why this one is on the cancellation list. It’s a silly comedy that is suprisingly warm hearted. The cast has started to come into it’s own, now that they have a rhythm going. It would be a shame if it got cancelled before they could fill their potential. Also, Rizwan Manji is hilarious, and is my favorite actor on the show.

The list is pretty long and involved. However, the cancellation of these shows will severely impact the TV watching time I have with my friends, as we like to watch and make loud and obnoxious predictions the entire time. And I am so not all about that.

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