The Mid-Season Famine

Right now most of the popular television shows in syndication are on their mid-season break. This is a perilous time for those of us that are dependant on our saved and streaming shows to get us through the boring parts of the day. One of the great things about not having to pay for cable but having access to all current TV shows is that you can usually watch at your leisure.

The downside to having such a dependence on the streaming options for current TV shows is that one becomes a creature of habit, and becomes conditioned into eagerly awaiting these shows. This conditioning has the unfortunate effect of turning people into grouchy and growling wraiths that blankly stare at their empty Hulu feed and wonder where they can get their next hit from.

Where's Mah "Modern Family"?!!

The mid-season break is where one can become truly irate over nothing and feel persecuted for their first world problems. Stupid as it is, there actually is a reaction that happens when your favorite shows are not available like you think they should be.

I certainly am not immune to this. I have a certain habitual ritual I’ve built up for myself in early evening, and if it is not satisfied then I get truly whiny and irritated.

Thank goodness for Netflix. Without an endless supply of TV to effortlessly watch, I’d be really feeling the effects of TV withdrawal. Byaaah!

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