The TV Prediction Game

In lieu of anything else productive to write today, I thought I would share a little game that my friends and I play while we’re watching TV. That’s right, apparently we’re so ADD we can’t even watch TV without having to otherwise engage.

One of the best games to play while watching dramatic TV is “Who Did It? Basically, every dramatic show is pretty formulaic at this time, to the point where you can pretty much guess who the killer/ arsonist/ kidnapper is within the first 10 minutes of the show.

Detective/ forensics shows are usually the best, because of their episodic format and general lack of an overarching storyline. However, medical dramas also work well when you feel like playing “Guess the Disease“. When playing with friends, people have to quickly call out who they think the bad guy is and why as soon as they feel they are correct.

After the fact and when the episode is done, the person who correctly predicted the end of the show gets to brag about their amazing skills. Added bragging rights come with the ability to make a prediction minutes into the show.

My personal rule? The tertiary character that appears onscreen for like two minutes and then fades into the background? It was probably them. I’ve gotten pretty good at the whole process, probably due to the copious amounts of Scooby Doo I watched as a kid.

Try it! Once you get the smug rush that comes with being right, you won’t want to stop.

Suggested shows to predict stuff for amusingly: Psych, Monk, NCIS, CSI, House

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