Top 10 Best Seinfeld Episodes of All Time

Seinfeld. Arguably the best TV show of all time. What do you think? Beyond that, what are the best Seinfeld episodes of all time? We made the list. Check it out.

best seinfeld episodes

1.  The Soup Nazi
A soup stand owner obsesses about his customers’ ordering procedure, but his soup is so good that people line up down the block for it anyway.

2.  The Marine Biologist
George starts dating a woman who (told by Jerry) thinks George is a marine biologist. Elaine’s electronic organizer injures a person after being launched from a limo by a Russian novelist. Kramer decides to golf on the beach.

3.  The Boyfriend
Jerry hooks up with Keith Hernandez at the gym. He tries to meet with Keith only to be shunned because Keith is infatuated with Elaine. George tries to keep his unemployment money coming in when he tells the unemployment officer that he got a job with “Vandelay Industries”, a company that manufactures latex. Kramer and Newman recall an incident in which Keith spit on them after a really bad Mets game. The details of the incident strangely mirror that of the JFK assassination.  Meanwhile, Jerry becomes increasingly jealous of Elaine’s relationship with Keith Hernandez. The unemployed George Costanza schemes to collect unemployment checks, while the illustrated JFK “second spitter theory” is further investigated.

4.  The Opposites
A simple pick up line in the coffee shop proves Jerry’s theory that every instinct George has is wrong. George decides to try the opposite, and that lands him an attractive girlfriend, a job offer with the New York Yankees, and an apartment that allows him to finally move out of his parent’s house. Simultaneously, Elaine’s mistake of stopping off for candy after learning her boyfriend was hospitalized causes her fortune to take a downturn. She gets kicked out of her apartment, breaks up with her boyfriend, and the candy causes a chain reaction that ultimately leads to the end of her longtime employer. Jerry sees the parallel between his two friends and realizes that he breaks even on just about everything. Kramer continues to take the book tour for his coffee table book, but Pendant Publishing’s bankruptcy puts the book on the shelf.

5.  The Puffy Shirt
Kramer and his soft-spoken friend Leslie start a new line of clothing and Jerry accidentally agrees to wear it on the Today show.

6.  The Rye
After George’s parents take back the bread they gifted to Susan’s parents, George makes Jerry find another loaf and tries to appease Susan’s parents by taking them on Kramer’s Manhattan horse tours, to disastrous consequences.

7.  The Bizarro Jerry
Elaine meets her new boyfriend’s friends, and realizes the group of them are the exact opposites of Jerry and his friends. Jerry goes out with one of Elaine’s friends who is extremely beautiful, but has off-putting “man hands”. However, George uses a picture of her to get into the “forbidden city” where lots of beautiful women hang out. Kramer gets a new job when he uses a toilet in an office building.

8.  Junior Mint
Elaine’s ex-boyfriend is recovering in the hospital and has surgery. The gang goes to visit. Kramer gets the idea to paint his apartment to simulate the feel of a ski lodge. While at the hospital, Kramer’s concern about the operation gets him and Jerry in to watch. But when Kramer sneaks in candy and forces it on Jerry, Jerry starts a chain reaction that causes the Junior Mints to land in Elaine’s ex-boyfriend. Jerry thinks he may have killed the guy while George, who learns that he has recently come into some money, decides to invest in the ex-boyfriend’s artwork.

9.  The Yada Yada
George’s new girlfriend is fond of the expression “yada yada yada”. Jerry feels uncomfortable when his dentist converts to Judiasm. Kramer and Mickey have trouble deciding which girl they each prefer when they double date, and Elaine is used as a character reference by some friends planning to adopt but manages to mess things up.

10. The Parking Garage
The four get stuck in a parking garage for hours when they forget where they parked.

With a list like this, how could Seinfeld not be the best TV show of all time?

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6 Responses to Top 10 Best Seinfeld Episodes of All Time

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  • Dude, where’s “The Contest”? Blasphemy!

    Commented:  23 October 2009 at 11:41 am()

    Oh man! You are so right. I don’t know what we were thinking. “The Contest” is top 3 for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

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  • The first one is the best I’ve ever seen on the series


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