Let’s look at Flashpoint today! I was recently introduced to the show, and I came in with low expectations. I pretty much expected it to be an NCIS/ CSI/ 24 clone of sorts, and I was dead wrong.

Flashpoint is about a SWAT team that is called in to handle incredibly dangerous and volatile situations. It is their job to handle these situations and resolve them in the best possible way. Using tactics and specialized gear, the trained officers approach and resolve a wide range of criminal situations while protecting the public.

The great thing about Flashpoint is the pacing and obvious attention to detail that is paid to the way that the team interacts with situations. In every situation, the police work is done with a careful and methodical way, using force only when absolutely necessary.

It’s obvious from the tactics and pacing that the producers of this show have retained some specialists that are able to add a level of reality to the proceedings that would otherwise be absent.

Additionally, the show tries to portray realistic situations, rather then stooping to some of the extremes seen in other TV situations. Common issues include domestic abuse, suicide attempts, and drug busts. Put simply, these are actually things that a SWAT team might encounter.

The action is good, and it actually mirrors tactics and scenarios that could possibly happen. Character interaction is also handled well, with the team being likable and complex at the same time.

Flashpoint is good. It’s about two steps away from being completely realistic, but the sense of realism and believability is always welcome in a spectrum that is chock full of mindless shooting. It’s in its third season now, and here’s to hoping for a few more to come.

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