Fringe: Still Good

After the news hit that it is being renewed, Fringe is about ready to wrap up it;s third season. For those that haven’t watched the show, Fringe is a fairly spooky cop show that follows a team of FBI sanctioned investigators as they try to uncover the truths behind “fringe science”.

The show is made by J/J. Abrams, most famously known for LOST. With that in mind, the best way to describe this show is The X-Files combined with “the spooky elements of LOST“. the show is one that relishes the dark and sometimes unsettling scenarios that it creates, only bothering to dabble in realism for moments at a time.

Yet, as the show reaches its fourth season, there is the realization that it is one that is both fun and engaging in nature. Make no mistake- Fringe is for people who like spooky settings and seeing what kind of macabre mayhem the writers have created for the newest episode. There is also a dark humor present in the show that makes it something that can be appreciated by the darker minded.

The episodes are almost  always exciting, and the cast is good as well. They’ve really evolved in the last few years, so that they are able to work together well and make for engaging drama. Since this is a J.J. Abrams production, there of course is a larger overhanging plot that is quite complex, and there is always an abundance of questions.

Put simply, if you can get into it, the show is worth it. And it’s worth giving a try no matter what, if you enjoy paranormal types of mystery and mayhem

All in all, Fringe is something that people usually need to get through a couple of episodes to enjoy. But once you get into it, it is a worthy replacement for The X-Files and remains ridiculously spooky and weird. It something that showcases the talent of J.J. Abrams when it comes to paranormal stuff. The man knows what he is doing, that’s for sure.

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