Lost – Is anyone else Lost?

lostSo a couple years back, my sister got me hooked on the television show Lost. When I started, I never thought that it would turn into a show that has black smoke, temples, and a lot of murder. I have heard a ton of rumors from friends and family about anything and everything. So to make everyone’s life a little bit more interesting I’m compiling a list of rumors and spoilers about the show Lost. Enjoy:

– Jacob and the guy possessing John Locke are Egyptian gods.
– Charlie and Claire grow close again in this alternate universe thing.
– Locke may end up not being able to walk again on the island.
– More Polar Bears to come.
– Nadia comes back.
– Hurley will see how that massive statue was destroyed.
– Sayid kills fake Locke later on.
– The numbers next to the “candidates” names is the order of their deaths.

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the season and series. Let us know if there are any more rumors that you’ve read or have.

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One Response to: Lost – Is anyone else Lost?

This is a great blog post. I love Lost it is my favorite show.


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