Persons Unknown: TV Show Review

I’m gonna do a TV show review of Persons Unknown today! I selected this show for the following reasons, which make it perfect to conduct a review for. First of all, I’m watching the show right now, and it’s pretty addicting. And, it lasted for exactly one season, so it lends itself to a review of succinct nature.

Persons Unknown is a show about a group of strangers that find themselves mysteriously kidnapped and trapped in a eerie facsimile of a charming small town city block. After discovering the situation, the characters try to wander out of the isolated block, only to find that their exit is blocked by an invisible fence of terrifying power.

Through some investigating and plenty of feuding, the characters find out that they are constantly being watched everywhere that they go, and that there is a sinister  overarching plan for all of them. Tension mounts, and alliances are formed as the people try to find out the truth of their situation and escape alive.

Persons Unknown is something that is both exciting and new, yet instantly familiar, due to it being an interesting combination of 10 Little Indians and LOST, with a bit of (wait for it) Star Trek TNG thrown in. Blended of course with “The Most Dangerous Game”.

It’s a creepy and eerie show that lends itself well to established themes that cover the “human experiment” side well. the pacing and setting are good, as are the interactions of the less than perfect prisoners trying to survive the experience of the town and the intentions of each other.

It’s obvious upon watching where the creators of the show got the bulk of their inspiration from “coughcoughLOSTcough*, but they took the intriguing and spooky parts of LOST and turned it into a good premise that was thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

If you like suspense and the drama of seeing normal people with secret pasts trapped together with a hefty dose of Orwellian intrigue thrown in, I highly recommend the single season of Persons Unknown.

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