The Event: A Prime Example Of “Meh”.

The Event is one of the shows on the chopping block for renewal. I don’t usually say this, but this occurrence is a good example of the system working. Fewer shows have deserved cancellation as much.

For those of you who didn’t give it a try, The Event is about a group of aliens that have been trapped on Earth for some sixty years. After these life forms crash down, most are imprisoned in Alaska, gulag style. They have the appearance of being human, and in the effort to get their ship back into working order, they infiltrate the government and advance human technology far beyond it’s projected capacity.

The conflict comes from the aliens that want to be freed from confinement on Earth, either via peaceful or militant means. They have had enough, and they aren’t feeling merciful. Meanwhile, the government goes on a murderous rampage to contain knowledge of the aliens, because THE TRUTH is too much to handle.

What resulted from this premise was one of the worst shows that could be seen in recent memory. Sure, it was fine enough looking and stuff, but any semblance of a plot or ability to care about what was happened vanished soon after the first couple of episodes. You see, The Event used the tired old “Everyone is chasing us! They all are with them!” cliche to create scenarios where the characters would away from the government cops, meet a stranger, be betrayed by the stranger, get shot at, and run from the cops. Constantly.

Meanwhile, the aliens go all terroristic in a very 24 kind of a way, with grunting and SWAT entries and explosives and people just not having enough time. It aped 24 shamelessly half of the time, essentially. In fact, every aspect of the show simply aped other popular shows that made it big, and tried to simply insert them whenever the situation seemed like it might need it.

It got to the point where I would try to watch one via streaming and I couldn’t get all the way through it. It was cheesy, cliche, and awful Just plain old bad.

The Event represents a type of television show that rightly gets cancelled. At it’s core, it is a combination of LOST and 24 that doesn’t perform as well as either of them did. (Yes, that includes the later seasons of 24.) The Event is a show that desperately tried to hop on a couple of bandwagons, and pretty much got what it deserved. When it all came down to it, it was so chock full of cliche and predictability that it never really connected with the majority of it’s audience and sank down to pure and uninspired mediocrity.

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