TV Show Review: Falling Skies

Righto! Lets have a look at Falling Skies and do a TV show review for it today! It’s important to note that Falling Skies is still in its infancy, and there has been four episodes shown so far. That being said, the show has already made enough of an impact that we can begin to review it and guess as to where it is going.

Falling Skies is TNT’s newest sci-fi drama. Backed by Steven Spielberg, its the story of a group of resistance fighters desperately trying to survive after being blitzed by an alien invasion. The resistance is made up of normal citizens, who have had to band together in order to get through their experiences.

The show is both fresh and new and immediately familiar. Sci-fi fans will immediately make connections between this and Stargate and Battlestar Galactica, with Galactica being a major influence. Indeed, everything from Galactica’s action and character archetypes and grittiness has been embraced here. Indeed, everything down to the filters meant to clue us in to how raw this experience is has been carefully set up in order to follow the fashion of one of the greatest TV shows of the last decade.

Of special note is the attention to theme and the special effects used during this production. Being backed as it is by Spielberg, Falling Skies has an above average effects budget, and it shows. Indeed, everything looks good enough for you to suspend your disbelief.

Character growth and interaction is something that is prioritized over action, much in the fashion of The Walking Dead. And, the show isn’t afraid to kill of characters for no reason to show how gritty and intense the story is.

Put simply, Falling Skies has had a promising start, and its still got the room and potential to grow into something special. Its important to give these things time to grow and evolve, but it is safe to say that this show has the potential to be excellent.

The good news that we can take away form this no matter what? The show has already been renewed for another season, so they can’t pull a Firefly on us with this one.

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