TV Show Review: Hawaii Five-O

Righto! I’m gonna do a TV show review of Hawaii Five-O today! It’s in between seasons, but today is a slow day, and it’s something that is worth looking into in more depth.

A reboot of the venerable TV show of the same name, Hawaii Five-O is about a crack team of special cops that handle extraordinary situations that pop up in Hawaii. The show follows the story of Steve McGarrett, a special forces soldier called home when his father is mysteriously murdered.

Upon arriving home in Hawaii, McGarret is recruited by the Governor to assemble a special unit in order to combat the waves of crime in Hawaii and to have the authority to find his fathers murderer. A mismatched team of cops consisting of a misplaced detective from New Jersey, a spunky new academy graduate, and her cousin are assembled, and grows close as they deal with the issues on the islands.

(Fans of LOST will squeal with glee when they see Daniel Dae Kim, also known as Jin, in the role of a disgraced cop seeking redemption. I know I did. That guy is just cool, ok?)

The show is a fun one. It takes the usual CSI/ Burn Notice formula and blends it with an overarching story. Viewers can expect to see beautiful scenery, beaches, beautiful girls, bodies, and lots of gunplay. The show makes no pretenses about its origins, but it embraces them. It’s not a new take on anything, really. But its clear that the show is about having a good time with all of these themes.

My sole point of grumbling contention lies with the main character of Steve McGarret. Now, the character is supposed to be a gruff Special Forces dude, and I get the character paradigm. However, the character is played in such a ridiculously manly way that what should be a character is a caricature, and is one that makes you laugh out of the sheer ridiculousness of him.

It’s my personal grumblings, but the main character is so over the top manly that its comedic, especially when he’s pulling attitude and making dumb gruff quips while shooting bad guys. He has a chest holster, people. I watched the entire first season, and I still have no idea why he keeps his gun on his gigantic pecs. You know, besides the fan service thing.

All in all, Hawaii Five-O is a fun show. It’s completely ridiculous to the point of hilarity at times, but it is definitely a fun and engaging show featuring the always pleasant Hawaiian backdrop. It’s really not gonna win any awards ever, but it’s definitely an entertaining ride.

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