You might love them or hate them, but you will never stop gossiping about them!

The only people that gossip more than the actors in Gossip Girl are the ones sitting on the couch watching gosspi girl!

Chuck Bass is every girls dream guy and Blair is every girls secret evil side, but will these two ever sort things out? It’s time to see the old Blair we loved, this one has become old and boring and not only in personality but in her wardrobe too!

With Jenny Gone we can all finally stop worrying about her hairstyle becoming the next fashion trend to hit the street! Stringy, long platinum hair never looked good on anybody, unless you are going for the porn-star look.

Will Georgina ever get it? No ones likes her, so If she is looking for support or in this case, the daddy to her baby, she might as well turn around since no one wants that baby!

Dan, maybe he will now realize that he just cant keep up with Serena, even if he had his own jet, she would leave him behind!

The season ended with so many questions answered that we can finally have a break and relax before we are thrown into the meddling lives of the Upper East side and tormented by the thought of Blair and Chuck never getting back together!

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