5 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks

twilight-1I am a male. Maybe that’s why I just ‘don’t get it’ when it come to the Twilight Series. I watched the first one on a date because I didn’t know any better, and then ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ because I lost a bet. Now, I’m sure the books are great, but at least from a cinematic perspective, the series sucks. Why?

1. Bad Acting
2. Lack of character development
3. Non-realistic relationships (and I’m not talking about the non-human kind)
4. Unbelievable characters

I can accept the New York Times putting the Twilight books on their Bestseller’s list, but what fact I can’t accept is each woman’s unhealthy obsession with such mediocre acting and cinematography.

Twilight-2Honestly, the characters are attractive, male and female alike, but none can act. There is nothing I can’t stand more than a movie franchise that is popular mainly for the looks of its actors, and not the depth of the plot. Go to any blog and what do you hear? I bunch of overly hormonal teenage girls talking about how much they’re in love with Jacob or Edward, NOT what is actually HAPPENING in the movie. I’m frustrated. I’m convinced if you just showed still images of each with their shirts off for 2 hours you’d still sell just as many tickets.

And yes, I guess I am speaking from a biased perspective, but I can’t stand how much in love so many women are in with Edward. In real life, if I had a girl obsess over me as much as Belle does with him, it’d freak me out. And for Jacob, if I had any friend who would hold on so hopelessly to a woman who doesn’t want him, I’d call him pathetic. Move on man. You’re attractive. I’m sure you can find someone with a little more personality than Belle anyways.

A combination of bad acting and a lack of real people that I can relate with makes the movies a total bomb. Please people, grow some brains and wake up to reality. Twilight isn’t THAT good.

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One Response to: 5 Reasons Why Twilight Sucks

In reality all of the “amazing features” of Edward are actually very creepy. The only reason girls love him so much are for his good looks. If you were to place an unattractive person in place of Edward, doing the exact same things, he wouldn’t be “dreamy” but instead he would be extremely creepy.


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