Another bit of Batman gossip…Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the list for the Riddler

The third installment of the revamped Batman series might not come out until July 2012, but there is certainly a lot of gossip that has been flying around concerning who will play what part in the highly anticipated sequel to Dark Knight.

Most of the rumors deal with who will play the Riddler in the movie (if they even use the Riddler). First, it was rumored that Johnny Depp would play the role. Then, a tip way out of left field promised that Eddie Murphy would be the next villian in green (personally, I really hope this doesn’t happen…the Nutty Professor? Really?). And this week there has been another spin on the gossip…Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been added to the list of possible riddlers.

You might know Levitt from the recent (500) Days of Summer or might have seen him as a regular on the 90s sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun. Levitt has been working with Christopher Nolan, the Batman director, on his recent film Inception (which looks great, I might add) and apparently Nolan loved working with him.

I would take this news with a grain of salt, though, since we’ve already seen how rapidly the news has changed over the past year. The script for the next Batman hasn’t even been written yet so there will be a lot more gossip to swallow until we know the truth.

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