Blackhawks win gets NHL highest TV ratings in years

I am a huge hockey fan and watched much of the NHL season and LOVED the playoffs, but let’s face it… really hasn’t ever picked up much steam here in America. It has always been dwarfed by bigger, more popular leagues like the NBA and NFL. Recently, that changed a little bit…

Game 6 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers was a close one but the Blackhawks ended up taking the cup with an overtime goal by forward Patrick Kane. The win marked a great end to the Blackhawk’s season and a drought of nearly 49 years since Chicago had taken the Stanley Cup home.

It also was the highest rated Stanley Cup match in 36 years. Execs revealed that this year’s final match was even up 41% in viewership from last year’s final between Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Does this mean that the NHL is picking up viewers and popularity? Only next season will show if the numbers will hold up during the regular season…..and I, as a fan, hope they do!

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