Conan will be back!!!………on TBS

So I’m sure you all heard at least at some point about the fiasco with Conan and NBC. After dismal ratings for the then-new Jay Leno Show, NBC decided to put Leno back into the Tonight Show…..and kick Conan out. Many fans were outraged and retaliated, but NBC still won. Conan stepped down from the Tonight Show and Leno acquired his throne once again.

It left the question burning in fan’s minds-Is Conan coming back to TV? Well, the answer now is yes. Conan has signed a TV Show deal with the cable station TBS that will supposedly start in November. His show will precede the newly created show, George Lopez Tonight.

I’m a huge fan of Conan, and am very anxious for this new show to start. Hopefully you are too!

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