Macgruber explodes into theaters today

You probably never wanted to see a man toting a utility vest and a mullet save the world…but this just might be the weekend you will.

Macgruber is the anticipated new film from the suits of Saturday Night Live that stars the SNL cast member Will Forte as the bumbling action hero. This is the first SNL released film in 10 years (Ladies Man was in 2000) and the heat is on for them to produce a great film.

Other stars that will make an appearance will be Kristen Wiig (fellow SNL cast-member), Val Kilmer as the evil “Dieter Von Cunth”, and Ryan Philippe. What isn’t known about the movie is whether it will be good. If you are a die-hard SNL fan or even if you are a casual watcher, catch this new movie with some of your friends!

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