Not the Robin Hood You Saw As a Kid…

Do you remember Disney’s take on the classic Robin Hood story? The whistling rooster with the guitar, the juvenile Prince who sucked his thumb, or the rambunctious snake sidekick? It was a great movie, but that was only one interpretation of it….

Enter Ridley Scott. You know, the award-winning director of box-office giants like Gladiator or Kingdom of Heaven? Well, it’s his turn to take a stab at the Robin Hood story; and he’s not playing around…

In an intense broo-ha-ha of swordplay and action similar to Gladiator, the story of Robin Hood is coming back and is being played by the famous Russell Crowe. Cate Blanchett will also star in it as the beautiful Marion Loxley. If this movie is anything like Gladiator, it will be a summer blowout hit at the box office!

Check out the trailer on YouTube

The film hits theaters on May 14th

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