‘Predators’ gets mainly positive reviews

Giving a nod to the original Schwarzenegger shoot-em-up blockbuster back from 1987, Predators was released in theaters several weeks ago. This would basically be the 5th installment of the Predator franchise, which spans over 20 plus years.

The first Predator was extremely popular, but any attempt by Hollywood to milk more money out of the character proved to turn sour. Predator 2, and both Alien vs. Predator films bombed. Many people thought that the new Predators movie would suffer the same fate. But it hasn’t…

It has received mainly positive reviews, which tell that it stays true to the original story while giving it a fresh new spin. One other aspect of the movie that was surprising was the main star, Adrien Brody. Many thought that he wouldn’t fit the bill because of his more serious roles in the past.

But he surprised everybody, and most critics agree that he does a superb job. If you have time this weekend, go see this movie!

To read a review of the film, go to cinemablend.com

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