Spend a Night With the Gods-‘Percy Jackson’ an enjoyable film for everybody

So last weekend I saw “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” with my cousin. I wasn’t really expecting much out of it, except for a semi-enjoyable way to spend a Friday night. But after seeing the movie, I was actually quite impressed with it. I think it is primarily aimed at young kids and tweens (the same that grovel at the sight of Edward), but I think this movie could be enjoyable for everyone.

‘Percy Jackson’ is the story about the clashing of gods and humans. Percy Jackson is a young high school student who finds out that he is the son of the mighty sea god Poseidon. He is accused of stealing Zeus’ famous lightning bolt, and if he does not return it, the gods threaten to wage war on man. The rest of the movie chronicles his adventure to get the lightning bolt back to Zeus. At times there are some corny scenes and lines but for the most part its just a good adventure flick that is really enjoyable. It is now out on DVD so if you haven’t seen it yet, go to a Redbox or movie store and check it out!

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