Tron Legacy-It Will Make You More Nostalgic Than Uncle Rico

Several years ago, I randomly bought a VHS copy of Tron at a thrift store and popped it into the VCR. I think I fell asleep on my couch while watching it, but I thought the story was quite intriguing. I’m sure there are harder Tron fans out there than myself, and in several months they will be served up a hot dish of exactly what they want-a new Tron movie.

I stumbled upon the teaser trailer on YouTube and was really amazed. The CGI looks amazing, and what’s more is that it is not an exact remake of the original story, but a continuation. From the trailer, you can tell that the story revolves around a young boy who stumbles on the abandoned arcade where the Tron game sits. Through a coincidence he lands in the Tron world. If you’re a fan with a big case of the Tron munchies or just a casual movie enthusiast, check this movie trailer out!

It comes out in December.

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